Expedition-Trophy: Murmansk-Vladivostok

Expedition-Trophy: Murmansk-Vladivostok is a rally car simulator based on the adventure project of the same name. Expedition Trophy is the world's longest transcontinental off-road race, in which teams from all over the world take part. The route of the race runs through all of Russia: 16,000 kilometers along snow-covered roads from the Murmansk lighthouse to Vladivostok is a real adventure and a severe test not only for cars, but also for people, in which only the team spirit of the participants, their cohesion, endurance can be a true value, mutual assistance and friendship.

The game includes 20 virtual teams from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Prague and other cities. Lead your city to victory! Six special sections, where not so much the speed capabilities of the car are tested, but the skill and ingenuity of the driver. Ten types of SUVs, each of which has several modifications. Hundreds of variations in suspension settings, tire type, brake balance and more. Six stages of the race, divided into 60 sections-tracks. Participants compose the route of each of the stages independently, based on the degree of riskiness of each section and points awarded for passing it. Weather conditions of winter Russia are accurately modeled: ice, snowfall, fog; day and night trails.


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