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Need for Russia 3: Made in Russia

Need for Russia 3: Made in Russia  is the continuation of the incredibly popular arcade racing game. The two previous versions of the series were dedicated to classic cars in the USSR. In the next release, the developers decided to go further and introduce models of cars produced during the "perestroika" period. The player again takes on the role of a driver-champion for the title of driving champion. This time the player has 7 cars at his disposal: Chevrolet Niva, Volga 31105, Volga Siber, Kalinie, Revolution, UAZ-ie Patriot and Sputniku 2108. The developers allow the player to carry out many bodywork. Cars can be decorated by adding, for example, additional piping. The game has retained its characteristic arcade style. No damage system, so that drivers do not have to be afraid of road accidents. 

The machines can also reach top speeds, both on asphalt roads and in difficult conditions. On the visual side, Need for Russia 3 looks better than in previous releases, however, the graphics in the game are far behind modern standards. This is especially true when you are driving a car with numerous details. If you want to drive old cars, then this game is for you.

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