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To begin with, Grepolis is a treasure trove of unlimited possibilities. In this  free strategy game  you'll be able to demonstrate your strategic skill. You and only you decide how to act. In addition to having an authentic atmosphere, the player is waiting for many functions, thanks to which playing Grepolis is a real pleasure. We have compiled a list of the best and most important attributes of the game for you.

No restrictions 

In "Grepolis"  opportunities to achieve your goal are  pouring  in on you  like a cornucopia . You can turn your settlement into a powerful metropolis by constructing beautiful buildings and populating them with new inhabitants, or you can go to the inviting shores and settle on one of the  approximately 20,000 islands . And when it comes to social life with other players, all kinds of interaction are available to you in Grepolis. Those who are in a belligerent mood can attack opponents as much as they want, while those who prefer a more diplomatic approach will enjoy building friendships and entering into  powerful alliances .

God willing

Advantage of a game set in antiquity? Well, of course, these are the  Greek gods ! You will meet not only with the great Zeus, the frightening Hades and the formidable Poseidon, but also with many other deities of ancient Greek mythology. Honoring the gods in "Grepolis" is one of the prerequisites for the game, because you need  to enlist their support in protecting your policy . However, be careful when choosing your heavenly patron, because each of them has  different virtues . In this task, you will need your strategic skill again.

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