суббота, 28 ноября 2020 г.

Confrontation. Europe 2015

Confrontation. Europe 2015  is a real-time strategy game, the plot of which is a detailed simulation of the war between Russia and the NATO countries. Models of weapons and armored vehicles that coincide with the released and planned developments of the military-industrial complex. Realism of what is happening: the possibility of accidental breakdowns of equipment, various scenarios for morning, afternoon, evening and night, special effects and animation of shots, a shock wave from explosions, etc. Classic real-time strategy goes to the next level! War can break out at any moment. 

Just a minute ago, diplomats tried to settle the situation peacefully, but now sirens are blaring, officers are raising the alarm, the huge flywheel of the military-industrial complex is set in motion. 2015, the beginning of the final Confrontation. In the real world, this conflict does not exist, and most likely it will not. It is hard to imagine that someone is able to go to the countless calamities and destruction that will accompany the collision of the world's leading powers. But this does not mean that there is no need to prepare. There is always opposition in one form or another.

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